Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch
Type of site
Video on-demand
Available in English
Area served
Industry Internet
Parent Facebook
Website www.facebook.com/watch/
Commercial Yes
Launched August 10, 2017; 6 months ago (2017-08-10)
Current status Active

Facebook Watch is a video on demand service operated by Facebook. It was announced on August 9, 2017, with initial availability the day after, and with rollout to all U.S. users by the end of the month. Facebook Watch's original video content is produced for the company by partners, who earn 55% of advertising revenue while Facebook keeps 45%.

Facebook Watch offers personalized recommendations for videos to watch, as well as categorized content bundles depending on factors such as popularity and social media engagement. Facebook wants both short-form and long-form entertainment on its platform, having a reported total of $1 billion in budget for content through 2018. Facebook monetizes videos through mid-roll advertising breaks, and plans to test pre-roll advertising in 2018.

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