Christianity in Sri Lanka

Christians in Sri Lanka
6th century, known as the Anuradhapura cross plays a significant role in Christians in Sri Lanka.
6th century, known as the Anuradhapura cross plays a significant role in Christians in Sri Lanka.
Total population
1,509,606 (2012)[1]
Regions with significant populations
 Western 752,993
 North Western 300,367
 Northern 204,005
 Central 90,519
 Eastern 80,801

Christianity is a minority religion in Sri Lanka. Christianity was introduced to the island in first century, probably in AD 72.[2] Traditionally, after Thomas the Apostle's visit in Kerala in AD 52, Christianity is said to have been introduced via India because of its close geographical and commercial ties.[3] According to Christian traditions, the apostle Thomas preached the Gospel in Sri Lanka[4] Records suggest that St. Thomas Christians and Nestorian Christians lived in Sri Lanka.[5] Anuradhapura cross is one of the archaeological claims that suggest Christianity in Sri Lanka before[6] Portuguese.[7][8] Roman Catholicism was introduced by the Portuguese in 1505. There were conversions by Dutch persons in the 17th century, which resulted in a percentage of church members in excess of 10%.

The Christian population of Sri Lanka includes members of both the Sinhalese and Tamil ethnic groups.

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