Emblem of Sri Lanka

Emblem of Sri Lanka
Emblem of Sri Lanka.svg
Armiger Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Adopted 1972
Crest A Dharmachakra azure on a bezant
Escutcheon On a circular shield: Maroon, a lion passant Or bearing a Sri Lankan sword Or in its right forepaw; an orle enhanced azure bearing concentrically from the center outwards two annulets argent, the petals of a golden water lily proper, and an annulet Or; a bordure Or
Supporters Golden symbols of the Sun and the Moon; the stalks of rice growing from the vase surrounding the shield
Compartment A traditional grain vase
Other elements An annulet Or passing under the crest and vase surrounding the stalks of rice; a bordure azure surrounding the entire arms

The national emblem of Sri Lanka[1][2][3] is used by the State of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan government in connection with the administration and government of the country. The current emblem has been in use since 1972.

The emblem features a gold lion passant, holding a sword in its right fore paw (the same lion from the flag of Sri Lanka) in the centre on a maroon background surrounded by golden petals of a Blue Lotus the national flower of the country. This is placed on top of a traditional grain vase that sprouts sheaves of rice grains that circle the border reflecting prosperity.

The crest is the Dharmachakra, symbolizing the country's foremost place for Buddhism and just rule. Traditional Sinhalese heraldic symbols for the sun and the moon form the supporters. Sun and Moon, and Lion depicting Lord Buddha is given less prominence than cart wheel of English Buddhism, so it is in great discordance with National Scriptures.[citation needed]

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